Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blessed Beyond Measure

As I sit here on the eve of my 25th birthday, I find myself contemplative and nostalgic. Yesterday, I discovered the bag of wedding cards that we received nearly two years ago. I read through them all, smiling to myself as I read what our loved ones wrote to us on the happiest day of our lives. Some comments were more heartfelt than others, but they all spoke to me. It made me feel a little guilty. Guilty for what? I am not sure. I guess I feel like I am not always the friend or family member that I should be, especially to these people who spent money and time on us on July 21, 2007. Maybe I felt guilty because when I initially read these cards two years ago, I was probably just trying to empty them for the checks, money, or gift cards inside and get through them as quickly as possible for we had 1,000 things to do before we left for the honeymoon the next day. Yeah, I feel guilty. I feel guilty for the thank you notes I sent...I was just trying to crank them out and get them done. I should have been more personal. Hell, for the generosity these people showed, I should have bought them all an individual billboard on I-69 thanking them for their kindness. Guilt-ridden, that's me.

But reading through those cards really made me feel so lucky and blessed. Many of those people, a large percentage of them, are still a big part of our lives today. Great people are such a blessing. 

This week I have been surrounded by great people. My parents on Monday as well as my best girls, Jenn, Jess, Amanda, and Allison (not forgetting you, Nikki or Laura) as we celebrated Amanda's graduation from college, her birthday a little late, and my birthday a few days early. Later Monday I met up with Sarah, Keck (all the way from Vegas), and E for some drinks. Tuesday, I was reunited with some sorority sisters who continue to remind me that fabulosity can be achieved in Indiana. Today I spoke with a grandparent who made me feel so loved and prayed for. Tomorrow I will see my parents again and celebrate my 25th birthday. 

25 years -- I'm not trying to be dramatic...but I feel some changes coming this year. I think the biggest one is I am loving my life so much right now that I am inspired to live 75 years more...and if I want to live to see 100, I need to take care of myself in a way like never before. That's right folks...I might have already consumed my last Diet Coke (ok, that might be extreme...but you never know). 

I feel some changes coming at school, in my teaching style, in my patience. I feel some changes coming in my marriage, in my demeanor, in my respect for my incredible husband. I feel some changes in myself, in my maturity, in my priorities. 

Luke delivered some incredible news today that had me praising God for this beautiful life we live. He achieved an incredible board score...a score that didn't come easily and took hours upon hours and weeks upon weeks and months upon months of preparation. He deserves all the glory for this accomplishment, and I am just thrilled to be next to him during this incredible milestone. 

24 was great, but 25 is already looking pretty damn good. 

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