Sunday, July 12, 2009

No Doubt Concert

On Friday, I got the opportunity to enjoy the awesome No Doubt concert with my friend, Alicia. She had gotten tickets from someone where she works, and the tickets just so happened to be in the pit area. What is the pit area, you ask? Well, it is basically the mosh pit in front of the stage. I have only sat inside the pavilion at Verizon Wireless Music Center one time, and it was for an NSYNC concert when I was in early high school! All the other times, I have been on the lawn. I wasn't on Friday, though!

We got there early to find that our "pit seats" were actually not seats at was basically a fenced in area in front of the stage where you stand all night. The heat was stifling, and we quickly questioned whether or not we could stand the entire time and live to tell about it later. We were surrounded by some pretty die-hard No Doubt fans...lots of interesting outfits, including thigh-high rainbow tights, pink tutus, leopard print velvet pants, sports bras and ties, and bright pink punker hair. We looked a little out of place to say the least.

The opening act was Paramore...which I didn't think I had heard of until they started singing. I recognized about 5 of their songs. Pretty awesome! Then No Doubt came out. They were awesome from the get-go! Gwen Stefani is so excited about what she is doing. We had a great time watching her and the rest of the group. No Doubt was really popular in middle school and high school for us, so a lot of the songs were very recognizable and fun to sing along to. 

We ended up moving out of the pit and into the first row of seats behind it. No one was sitting there, and we were just so tired of being shoulder-to-shoulder with people, especially since it was like 90 degrees out. 

By the end, we were exhausted, but I got a special treat as we were leaving because I met up with one of my friends from college, Shaun, and his boyfriend, Rusty. They were headed back to Chicago from the concert, so the visit was brief, but it just lit up my heart to see them! 

It was a great time and a fun way to spend a hot summer doubt. :-) 

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  1. My friend was there, too. He was impressed by Gwen's abs and perfect figure. He even say she went 'commando' although I'm not sure about that :D