Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feeling Crafty

With Luke's massive amount of studying, I have had to really dig deep to occupy myself so as not to bother him every 5 minutes. Today, I completed two projects.

My first one was to spray paint a series of old, gross frames from my mom and dad. I am wanting to do a picture frame wall in the office, and instead of buying new frames and spending boat loads of money, I just took the frames off my parents' hands and primed and painted them. I used a pretty moss green color, and then finished them with a clear matte top coat. They turned out really well, and I am excited to decide which pictures will be displayed. I am thinking black and white pictures so they stand out of the green frames.
Before: UGLY


After: Green!!!

My second project was creating a piece of art for our guest bathroom wall. We have had a blank wall in there since we re-did the room in January. I wanted a modern look, again, without spending a lot of money. While at Michael's today getting more spray paint, I found a set of 16x20 stretched canvases (2) for $5.99! What a steal! I then bought yellow satin and one grosgrain. I also got a pretty green decorative ribbon with white flowers. I wove the two different textures of ribbons together and stapled them to the back of the canvas. I then put the green ribbon around the top just to add some interest and tie in the colors of the bathroom. I am really excited to hang it up and see how it looks!

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