Sunday, May 24, 2009

Solomon's Baptism

I have never been a part of anyone's baptism other than my own, and to say that I was "a part" of that event is definitely an exaggeration. I was 6 or 7 years old, and I remember that I hated every minute of it because 1) everyone was staring at me, and 2) I had to take my pretty white hat off so some man I didn't know could put water on my head. I saw a baptism in church once where the person got completely submerged in the holy water, and I had nightmares about my own baptism until I actually experienced it myself. Thankfully, my parents opted for the "just sprinkle some on her head" version. 

I was baptized because it was the right thing to do. I didn't truly come to understand what the baptism meant until much later in life. In fact, I am still learning each day what it is to be a Christian and truly live that life style. 

I never thought that I would be able to be someone's God mother. I always thought that right was reserved for the devout Catholics and perfect humans of the world. Imagine my surprise when Seth and Liz asked both Luke and myself to be Solomon's God parents a few weeks ago when they were at our home for Luke's birthday. It isn't uncommon for a Catholic family to choose the husband from one couple and the wife from another to be God parents. You can "mix and match" if you wish. It was such a high honor to be asked, and I was beaming with joy from a place so deep I have yet to find the origin.

Today was the big day...the day where we walked in behind Seth and Liz and stood up at the altar, bearing witness to our beautiful nephew being welcomed into not only the Catholic church but the Christian faith. He was so happy and sweet and adorable...we were so proud and honored and awe-struck to even be a part of it.

Solomon -- we sincerely hope we lead you to the best of our abilities...that we are your support system and your safe haven and your sounding board...we love you so much and cannot wait to watch you grow and learn and explore and of course deepen your relationship with God. We will walk this journey together, as we are still growing, learning, and exploring, too.

I love our family...both to bottom....more and more everyday.

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