Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello from School...(shame on me)

It is 9:30 and I am on my prep. I had no idea I could access my blog from school. This is probably a good thing. Lord knows the time I could have wasted at school had I known this a few months ago.

Anyway, Luke has successfully (we hope) completed Step 1 of the Med School Board Exams. I know there is a more technical, special term for the test he took, but all I can call it is "boards" (or...test of hell...or...marriage strainer...or....well, you get the point). Regardless, it is OVER and I am so happy for him that he can sleep peacefully and waste time with me blissfully without worrying so much. Countless dinners were consumed while he had one eye on the clock, allowing himself only a few minutes of non-study time. Many, many nights, I went to bed a good 3 hours earlier than he did while he had our clip on bed lamp BLAZING bright light onto my eyelids as was studying things I could only HOPE to pronounce and never understand. Friday and Saturday nights have not been exciting as he had to devote countless, and I mean countless hours to studying...meanwhile, the rest of the population of young twenty-something newlyweds were out seeing and being seen.

These are sacrifices, and I am just so proud of my beautiful husband for being so committed to not only what he has chosen as his profession, but also to making me believe that we will get through this and that our marriage and our family will always be his number one priority. I have been able to give up the luxuries of having Luke joined to my hip because, despite it all, he has still treated me as the wife he adores. This is truly all that matters.

I would like to thank myself for catapulting Luke into board test-taking greatness. I bought him a hearty stash of junk food...complete with Slim Jims, Rice Krispie Treats, crackers, ALL kinds of candy, Gatorade, and granola help fuel his down-to-the-wire studying and cramming. I am sure that extra dose of sugar and processed foods was just what he needed to get himself over the hump and finish out strong. Way to go, Ashley! :-)

We celebrated the death of the boards by going to Buca Di Beppo last night. Yum. Even better was the lunch sized portion of the Shrimp Diavolo came out actually the full size, but the kind waitress said she only charged for the lunch ($9.99 instead of $17.99)...and we should just enjoy it anyway. I now have enough of that dish to take to lunch today and could still probably get two more meals out of it. Joy!

Luke invited some med school friends over tonight for a cookout. I hope the rain holds off. I was proud of Luke's social attempt, so I most certainly would like to see it come to fruition.

Little CeCe graduates high school on Saturday, so we will be getting our things ready for a Muncie weekend. After that, my focus will be packing for the big Kiawah vacation (complete with my first plane ride by myself...) and getting my mind right for the summer. I am so excited and blissful just thinking about it.

Well, I should get something done. I whipped this out in record time, so I still have some time to grade and grade and grade and grade and maybe I will see the top of my desk by the end of the day. We all can dream...sigh.

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