Wednesday, April 14, 2010

30 Day Shred - Day 1

Well, it's been a month since Noelle was born, and I lost a quick 20-25 lbs the first week. Now I have stalled out, and I need to get my butt in gear. I am running out of clothes that fit me (my maternity clothes are already in a plastic tub in the attic), and I return to work in 4 weeks. I will have to have something to wear. So, in a nutshell...

I am starting Jillian Michaels's 30 Day Shred (again). It's a great workout, so I am hoping it helps. I am going to make every attempt to do it for the 30 consecutive days.

Here goes nothing!

UPDATE: Well, I finished the first day! It only took twice as long because I had to stop to either a) feed Noelle, b) comfort Noelle, or c) put a pacifier in Noelle's mouth. However, she eventually conked out and allowed me to get the workout in. I feel very accomplished. It's amazing how my life has changed because of this little girl. I find myself rushing to multitask a thousand different things while she is asleep. For instance, while the workout DVD was setting up, I was making her a bottle and doing the dishes. Perhaps you might be thinking, "Ashley, you would have more time to do things if you would stop blogging and actually get to work." Touche, my friend.

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