Friday, April 30, 2010

It's that lovely time of year when we begin to receive our tax refunds...which in reality is just a false sense of feeling like the government is giving us money because HELLO this was our money we originally earned anyway....but, I digress. It is still a great feeling when you trot out to the mailbox in the t-shirt you have been wearing for 3 days and your flip flops with socks (wait, just me? nevermind...) and see a nice, fat check.

At our house, 'tis a great feeling until reality sets in that this money is going straight to a savings account not to be touched. No shopping spree for me! Right now, there's about 100 things on my list to buy, but if I could buy myself a Mother's Day gift (since it's my inaugural celebration), I would swing by the jewelry store for this little chotchky...
It's only $1200. What? Too expensive? You see, I would justify it by saying that it is aquamarine, which is Noelle's birthstone. It is also done with chocolate diamonds, which is quite unique. AND...since I am planning on being a mom for the rest of my life, it really isn't a lot of money if you spread it out over the course of a lifetime...right? If I live another 75 years, that only amounts to $16 a year. Wow, don't I sound like one of those "Sponsor a Child" infomercials that are on at 4 a.m.? "For just 95 cents a day...."

Sigh. Never. Gonna. Happen.


'Spose I will settle for saving the check from Uncle Sam for a rainy day...or for when Luke's car will inevitably need thousands of dollars of repairs.

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