Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a GREAT Easter Weekend! It began with Good Friday, and it was especially "good" because Luke called me to say that he would be coming home early! It was a beautiful day outside, and to be able to enjoy it with my husband and my daughter was just an awesome surprise. I should mention that he pranked me first, calling to say that he unexpectedly had to work the overnight shift that night. He called "April Fool's!" (though a day late) right before I exploded into either a fit of anger or tears. That Luke...

My parents joined us Friday night for some pizza and a little pre-Easter celebration with the baby girl. Noelle is luck to be loved so much!

Saturday morning, we headed out for New Albany with about 10 bags of luggage containing everything Noelle could possibly need...as this weekend was the first weekend away from home. I was nervous for the car ride with Noelle because I hate it when she gets upset and I can't do anything about it. However, she handled it really well and slept for almost the entire ride!

I attended a bridal shower for Luke's cousin, Emily, who is getting married in two weeks. It was fun to take Noelle and introduce her to everyone. She was held and loved on by plenty of people! After the shower, we enjoyed a walk with Seth, Liz, Gus, Sol, and Eric. Gus was determined to push Noelle's big stroller throughout the walk. He did a pretty great job for a 3 year old, though he did get tired and decided that he would rather ride on the shoulders of his mom or dad.

Saturday night was the big Butler game, so we all gathered at Luke's grandma's house to watch. It was a good time, especially because the Bulldogs won! Noelle handled all of the noise and screaming like a champ. I didn't want her to be scared, but she did great!

She did pretty well for her first night away from home...waking up the normal amount of times. When she woke up Sunday morning, it was time for her first Easter! We got her all dressed up and ready for Mass. I was worried she would cry out during an important part of the service, but she again did great. We have such a happy, content baby.
Sunday afternoon brought Easter dinner at Luke's grandma's. We had fun with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins, and the weather was just so awesome. We took Noelle out and laid her on a blanket under an umbrella. She loved it!
Another successful 2 hour drive back, and we were home sweet home!

Me with my little Easter Bunny

Close up of the bunny outfit

Only our 2nd family photo since Noelle was born!

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